The CMR Team

See how our team Delivers
Creativity in All Its Forms!
Account Services Team

The ultimate in project managers: responsible for budgets, deadlines and ongoing, responsive communication with our clients. They see every project through from start to finish.

Strategic Marketing Team

They create the solid foundation upon which a successful campaign is built – from carefully defining the wants and needs of your targeted audience to determining the most effective mix of advertising and PR components.

Creative Team

Our writers, art directors and graphic designers bring the marketing strategy to life with fresh, attention-getting creative. No ho-hum, “how many times have you seen that before” thinking here.

Media Team

It takes special skill not only to choose the right blend of print, broadcast, outdoor and other specialized media, but also to negotiate the best price and those elusive “bonus spots” a savvy media buyer can leverage.

Public Relations Team

Media relations, community relations, government affairs, event planning, crisis communications – we have specialists in every aspect of public relations. We know how to use PR creatively to achieve powerful results.